IMP is committed to employee healthcare and workplace safety that at a minimum meets Indonesian government regulations in full, but targets the highest standards of employee health and safety as practiced internationally. Our core objectives in this regards are first, to avoid any team member fatalities while working, and second to train, outfit, and manage the team members so as to minimize injuries.


The health and welfare of the surrounding community will be one of the primary of objectives of our CSR program, but employee health will be a primary operational concern, to which IMP will provide a standard employment benefit to all employees. To meet this objective in an area with virtually no medical infrastructure, IMP will hire a full time doctor to work for the mine, serving the needs of the employees while also provide community services for the nearby villages.


As regards to safety, our operational objectives are first, to keep work-related fatalities to zero; second, to train and outfit employees to minimize work related injuries; and third, to apply operational methods that are specifically designed to achieve the first two objectives.

As IMP is a new mine, we will implement the MIRM safety management approach from the outset, targeting the creation of a culture that is Compliant and Proactive, and ultimately Resilient. As a part of this process, we will establish a firm zero-tolerance mentality towards infractions of safety protocols in the workplace. And to ensure this, once IMP becomes operational, it will hire and empower a work safety manager to put in place a comprehensive safety strategy at the mine, the Concentration Plants, and eventually at the Smelting & Purification Plant(s).

In addition, to ensure that these operational procedures are effectively implemented, IMP intends to employ CCTV technology at all primary work zones so that all operational activities can be viewed at a central operations post in the Jakarta office and at the mine, with an operational manager and a safety oversight manager on duty 24-7 to ensure activities are consistent with operational objectives and IMP safety standards. All video will be retained in an IMP data center where any events can be reviewed to assists in improving our performance as well as in clearly defining causality as may be required.

ISO based safety protocols will be employed at all times, requiring mine site personnel to wear standard safety equipment and meet all safety protocols.