IMP is a new company that will be growing very quickly. Our operational strategy for mining and procession determines what our labor requirements are going to be.

In 2018 IMP will be staffing up for growth in three areas of activity including:

  1. Corporate Operations
  2. Mining Operations
  3. Concentrate Plant Operations
  4. Project Support


Corporate Management Team: 5 Senior Managers will be hired to work in Jakarta Office:

  • Head of Accounting/ Reporting/ Tax Preparation (Senior)
  • Controller (Disbursements)(Senior)
  • Procurement Manager (Senior)
  • Tax Manager and Preparation Specialist (Senior)
  • Human Relations Manager (Senior)
  • Security Chief (Senior)

Corporate Support: 3 employees will be hired to work in Jakarta office as support for the Corporate management team:

  • General Accounting Assistant
  • Procurement Assistant
  • Human Relations Assistant

While human resources will be managed internally, all Human Resources financial activities will be outsourced to place the burden of compliance on a third party, and utilize specialized information systems.


Mining Operations Management: 4 experienced managers will be hired to work and live at the mine (or part time at the mine and part time in Pangkalan Bun):

  • Mine Manager (Senior)
  • Pit Design and Optimization Manager (Senior)
  • Mine Assistant Manager (Mid-level)

The mining and related activities requiring heavy equipment will contract with an equipment provider to provide both the equipment and individuals to operate the equipment, which is projected to require around 50 individuals trained to operate the equipment.

Projected total hiringĀ  for mining in addition to management and the equipment operators will be approximately 50 employees hired locally, providing security, mine zone maintenance, employee services, food services, courier services, and general administration support.


Concentrate Plan Management: 8 managers will be hired to work along side the team of Concentrate Specialist who will be contracted via on O&M contract, living at the mine (or part time at the mine and part time in nearby cities):

  • Concentrate Plant Construction Manager
  • Concentrate Plant Construction Engineer
  • Concentrate Plant Oversight Manager
  • Concentrate Plant Assistant Manager
  • Concentrate Plant Chemical Testing Oversight Specialist
  • Concentrate Plant Purchasing Oversight Associate
  • Concentrate Plant Training Manager

Projected specialized and local hiring for Concentrate Plant: 30 specialized employees with proven concentrate production skills, and 50 additional local employees providing plant support, concentrate loading, plant zone maintenance, employee services, food services, courier services, and general administrative support.


General mine site Management: 5 employees will be hired to provide services to our employees and the eider community at the mine site, living at the mine (or part time at the mine and part time in nearby cities):

  • Logistics Manager
  • Health and Safety Manager
  • Medical Doctor
  • Medical Nurse
  • CSR Manager

Note that logistics will be contracted locally.


Aside from the above approximately 150 employees working at the mine site, IMP will build a Lead and Zinc Smelting & Purification plant at the Modern Cikande Industrial Estate, which is projected to hire approximately 600 employees locally to build the plant, and ultimately to hire approximately 700 total employees for operating the smelter and purification profess, maintenance, logistics, security, and support. This project will also need to hire key personnel with proven experience doing smelting and purification, some of whom will have experience with major smelters internationally.