For IMP, there are four primary spheres of operational activity:

  1. Mining
  2. Exploration
  3. Concentrate Production
  4. Smelting & Purification

A supporting fundamental activity for each of these is logistics, including hauling Ore or Concentrate from the mine to the jetty, stockpiling, weighing, and loading it to be barge. From there we may sell FOB Jetty or Barge, or we may barge it to our Smelting & Purification Plant near Jakarta, which involves management of barging operations, unloading, and hauling to the plant.

Our objective is to select the most efficient and const effective approach to each of these primary activities and do the work with responsibility and excellence, always ensuring that our people are safe and our work is mindful of its impact on the community around us and the environment.

To achieve these goals, we recognize the importance of leadership, and are committed to ensuring top, proven professionals are in charge of each area of core activity.


IMP MINERALS will begin mining 9,000 metric tons in service to third party Treatment Charge contract converting Ore to Concentrate immediately after the Export License is issued. In Q4 of 2019, mining will increase to 20,000 per month, with the third party contract expanded to 13,500 metric tons, producing around 5,400 metric tons of Concentrate per month while IMP’s Test Beneficiation Plant will receive 6,500 metric tons per month, producing around 2,600 metric tons of Concentrate each month. Finally, in Q1 2020, the Large Concentrate will be completed requiring mining to increase and additional 40,000 MT per month, resulting in a total mining output each month of 56,000 metric tons.

All mining will be managed by IMP directly using a third party equipment lease program inclusive of heavy equipment operators and fuel. The mining team is responsible for mining the ore, breaking it, and delivering it to the Concentrate Plant ROM (Run-of-Mine) Pad where different grades are prepared for input for processing under plant management oversight.

Mining is currently projected to utilize a stripping ratio of 1:16.


Exploration is critical for the successful development of the mine, and will begin shortly after receipt by IMP  of the Export License and start of operations.

IMP will complete a JORC compliant exploration program of 5 km of identified veins by the end of 2019, which is projected to provide a JORC-compliant reserve estimate of roughly 10 million metric tons of 25% metal content Lead and Zinc Ore. This will include results from the first two drilling programs completed for the due diligence process. Starting in 2020, a full surface deposit mineralization zone exploration program of the remaining 10 km will begin with the intent of finishing by the end of 2022.

IMP’s selected Chief Operations Officer is a JORC competent geologist who will organized and oversee both the 30% (Partial) and Full (Balance) JORC Compliant Resource Reports for the mine.


In Q3 of 2019, when IMP receives its Export License, IMP will begin shipping 9,000 metric tons per month of Ore to a third party Concentrate Production plant near Jakarta, Indonesia, which is expected to product around 3,600 metric tons of Concentrate per month. This contract will expand to 13,500 metric tons six month later.

IMP plans to build a Test Beneficiation Plant at the mine to be completed by Q4 of 2019 having a monthly output of 2,600 MT of combined Zinc and Lead Concentrates based on a 25% metal content Ore input each month of 6,500 metric tons. By Q2 of 2020, IMP will build a Bulk Beneficiation Plant with an input of 40,000 metric tons of Ore each month and an output of 18,600 MT of combined Zinc and Lead Concentrates.

IMP will begin off-take negotiations for Lead and Zinc Concentrate sales starting in June 2019 with the intention of signing a minimum of two 30-month contacts lasting to December 2021.


During Q1 2020, IMP will execute a third party analysis of the planned EPC for the combined Lead & Zinc Smelting and Purification Plant with construction planned to begin Q4 2019 and conclude by December 2021. The EPC will include performance guarantees focused on plant capabilities and completion timing to ensure the plant will be ready by the end of 2021. Sizing of either “half” of “full” size plant for initially construction will be determined when the 30% JORC Compliant Exploration Report is complete.

Smelting and Purification Operations will commence immediately, after the planned Lead an Zinc Smelting & Purification Plant is completed, starting January 2022. This plant will be engineered to the latest proven technology to meet and exceed Government environmental regulations. The EPC Contract shall be guaranteed the ensure the plant works properly and is operational on the due date.