IMP will be following the following model for designing our CSR program, focusing on the four-fold objective of meeting our CSR goal to “make a positive difference” by considering the needs and requirements of our own employees and shareholders, the environment locally and our impact on the broader global climate, the social situation near our mine and processing centers, and applying corporate governance that reflects these concerns.

While many of our goals go hand-in-hand with our corporate values, our CSR goals seek to reflect a broader sense of responsibility to the community and environment where our mine and processing centers operate. Where our corporate objectives conflict with our CSR objectives, the board will transparently address the issue in order to find a solution that does not conflict with the primary CSR goal.


IMP will interact with a wide range of stakeholders who have interest in our project as we determine our CSR goals, including:

  • Local villages, communities, and businesses.
  • Local, provincial and national level government.
  • Non-government organization (NGOs).


  • The objective of applying sustainable development.
  • The effort to have communications with all stakeholders that seek to understand what people are saying beyond words, with communications that are constant, proactive, transparent, genuine and respectful.
  • The discipline of engaging in business that is focused on integrity and excellence.
  • The intention to respect human rights, human feelings, unique tribal traditions, cultural norms, local customs and Indonesian values.
  • The desire to engage in friendship with all of our neighbors and all stakeholders.
  • The commitment to apply Equator Principals at each stage of interaction.


IMP is committed to a highly transparent effort to ensure that the benefits of the business will reach the communities near to the mine with a particular focus on the nearest town with surrounding villages.

IMP will begin by implementing a series of CSR programs designed to serve the initial areas we’ve identified as requiring support. We will simultaneously execute a comprehensive study designed to understand the needs of the community, and especially to understand the cultural heritage of the local Dayak peoples and how IMP can contribute. Based on this deeper understanding, IMP will alter its CSR goals and strategy in order to better serve the people.

Initially IMP will strive to solve problems and improve opportunities without altering cultural traditions. Specifically, IMP will seek to provide a combination of:

  • Employment opportunities with IMP,
  • Fair payments for traditionally owned lands used by IMP,
  • Provision of educational services and opportunities in support of the government educational system,
  • Support for at-risk individuals (single mothers, children without functioning homes)
  • Assistance to government health services, and
  • Maintenance of public roads and bridges within IMP’s concession used by the general population

As the time progresses, IMP will apply a more defined approach based on study and analysis of the condition in the area surrounding the mine, so that IMP’s effort to improve the lives of the people in the area of the mine reflect real needs, and real solutions.

Environmentally, IMP will also be investing to protect the concession from illegal logging, illegal mining, and other illegal activities that destroy the environment. This will require security teams tasked with ensuring all roads coming in and out of the concession have security posts to keep people from illegal activities.