IMP is seeking employees who will join with us in committing to integrity and excellence. Explore our values at Vision and Strategy.


IMP MINERALS is committed to providing jobs (as skill levels allow) to the local population. When no local workers are available with required skills, IMP will hire the best possible employee, and will then establish training programs to teach such skills and will seek skilled labor as required from other locations in Indonesia or abroad.

Where existing skills, knowledge and experience are fundamental to the success of the employee within the framework of the project, id Indonesian workers who have those skills, knowledge and experience are not available, expat workers will be utilized under the rules set by the Ministry of Manpower.


Currently, the following positions are available at the corporate level:

  1. Head of Accounting/ Reporting/ Tax Preparation
  2. Mine Manager: Extensive experience managing mines, preferably some experience managing Lead and Zinc mines
  3. Mine Design and Optimization Manager. Extensive experience with Lead and Zinc mine planning
  4. Security Chief: Experienced Security System Manager, including CCTV Operations
  5. Concentrate Plant Engineer: A Civil Engineer Experienced in the construction of Lead and Zinc Concentrate Plants
  6. CSR Manager: Experienced Manager of Government Mandate Community & Social Relations activities
  7. Mine Site Health and Safety Manager

IMP expects to be hiring approximately 100 workers at the mine, another 150 workers at the Concentrating Plant, and approximately 700 workers at the co-located Lead and Zinc Smelter & Purification Plant to be built in Cikande, Banten. See Team IMP Hiring Plans for more information about what jobs will become available in the near future as IMP grows.

If you have skills and experience in the mining industry, especially in the Lead and Zinc industry, consistent with the above positions, and if you speak and write English, you may submit your CV to the following email address for consideration:

Or call our offices in Jakarta at +6221-2918-2954 and ask for the Office of Human Resources.